Soil mix & jet grouting: Improvement of soil mechanical caracteristics can be obtained by mixing soil & cement, using high or low pressures which are generally called Jet grouting and Soilmixing.

The jet grouting technique consists in disintegrating the soil and mixing it with cement mixtures by means of high pressure jets. Such techniques, which involve different treatments, allow to operate in an extremely wide range of soils and offer a remarkable flexibility of applications.

TREVI started its activity in this field in 1979, by signing an agreement of cooperation and sole agency with the renowned KAJIMA company which developed and patented this system, among many others. In the following years, TREVI developed and improved the application system called TREVIJET.

The diameters of consolidated soil columns, obtained with the above methods, vary according to the adopted treatment parameters and the type and mechanical characteristics of the soil from 0.35 meter to 2.2 meters. It is possible to reach dephts exceeding 60m.

Soilmix is a mechanical method mixing the low pressure grouting with the soil in situ, aiming at obtaining consolidated columns.